Sunday, October 16, 2005

Scoop: What's in Store for the Jetta

Gone are the days of people mistaking the Jetta for a Corolla. A highly reliable source has confirmed that a minor facelift is on the way for the Jetta. The Jetta gets black valances just like its European counterpart instead of the current model's painted ones. The Jetta also gets a 115 volt outlet standard as well as a USB port, which will be the iPod connection. Then for MY2008, the Jetta gets a more major facelift. With this facelift, Volkswagen will tackle the Jetta's front and rear ends by giving it an Eos-like front end and Passat type taillights, which could mean North America will finally get the European Jetta's LED taillights. This is in response to letters Volkswagen has been receiving telling them that the Jetta looks too much like a Corolla.

Also, the GTI's US launch date of February for the 3-door has also been confirmed. The 5-door should follow 6 months later. The Golf has also been slated to arrive the same time as the 5-door GTI, around August. The Golf R36 has also been confirmed to arrive in 18 months with a 300hp version of the Passat's engine. The Jetta R36 is then slated to arrive 6 months after the Golf R36. The Eos arrives in May.

We also get a little surprise in 2008. Volkswagen will finally be bringing over an entry level car however VW is mum on which model they do plan to bring over. It also seems that the Concept R is a go. If you remember a few weeks back, I announced that Len Hunt himself has said that the Concept R has been scrapped. Well, it appears that it is back on as the Rivo, which will have a front mounted engine instead of the Concept R's mid-engine layout.


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