Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Scirocco caught testing in California, brings new hope to North America

Volkswagen may still be on the fence with the Scirocco US availability issue but tha didn't stop them from doing some hot weather testing in the California desserts. Autoblog has obtained very detailed spyshots of the Scirocco doing its rounds in California, donning the obligatory camouflage fore and aft. Keep in mind, this is not merely a test mule for the Scirocco but rather a prototype of the production vehicle.

Based on the spyshots, it's comforting (or distressing, depending on how you feel about the concept) to know that Volkswagen is sticking with the overall shape of the Iroc concept. The low roof, cab forward design, and short, blunt hood all make it onto the production version, as does the hunkered down look.

Volkswagen, want to return to profitability in the US? Sell this thing here.

Go to Autoblog for more photos.

[Update] There are also more spyshots at Leftlane News

Source: Autoblog


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