Monday, July 09, 2007

2008MY Mexican spec Jetta (new City Jetta ???)

VW Mexico have released their facelifted version of the 4th Gen Jetta for South America and possibly Canada where its known as City Jetta.

In Mexico.......... its avaliable in 3 grades the Europa, Trendline and TDI.
All come with a AM/FM Radio with MP3 capablity and USB port, Central locking and many other standard features.

Below is a brief analysis of each variant grade and its standard features.

-man/auto 2.0L
-15 inch steel wheels
-(double front airbag optional)

-man 5spd/auto 2.0L
-15 inch alloy wheels
-air conditioning
-electric mirrors
-electric windows

-man 1.9L 5pd
-16 inch alloy wheels
-air conditioning
-electric mirrors
-electric windows

Two engines are available first is the entry engine a 2.0L petrol producing 115hp (85kW) with 122lb (165Nm) of torque @ 2800rpm.

The 1.9L Turbo Diesel being the most powerful version produces 100hp (74 kW) with 177lb (240Nm) of torque @ 1800rpm

For those of you who are thinking they have seen this before, you have but from China.

FAW-Volkswagen and VW Mexico co-developed the facelift together.
FAW-VWs version was released last year in mainland China as the Bora.

source: VW Mexico &

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