Monday, April 03, 2006

New Engine for Touran (DE)

Text from Volkswagen AG.
Powerful twincharger with 103 kW and a new TDI with 125 kW

High performance, driving comfort and better fuel economy

Wolfsburg, 03 April 2006 - Volkswagen is expanding the engine range for the Touran. Now available: The 1.4 I TSI engine with 103 kW / 140 hp and the powerful 2.0 I TDI with 125 kW / 170 hp. The innovative twincharger-engine concept for better performance and fuel economy is a groundbreaking development for the future, which was first introduced on the Golf GT.

The principle behind the twincharger with its displacement of just
1390 ccm, is that the pulling power of the engine is reached even at low revs thus reducing fuel consumption. The FSI engine is twin-charged by a turbocharger and compressor and generates a peak torque of 220 Nm (1750-4000 rpm), with a consumption of only 7,4 l premium fuel (95 oct.) for 100 km.

When the car accelerates, the compressor delivers the necessary pulling power, while the turbocharger takes over at higher revs. The smooth torque curve allows for lazy gear changes yet the performance of the car is still sporty. Overtaking other vehicles on country roads becomes an ease.

The key technical element of the 2.0 I TDI with a maintenance-free diesel particulate filter, is the newly developed high-pressure piezo unit injector. The four-valve engine, which has a variable intake manifold to control swirl provides high performance and comfort and a low consumption of 5.6 I for 100 km.

Alongside high driving performance, a broad spectrum of safety features are included, such as six airbags and the Electronic Stabilisation Pro-gramme (ESP) including brake assist system. The flexible ergonomic seats provide comfort inside the vehicle and an interior height of 1.02 metres in the front, unique in this class of vehicle, allows for an extra special feeling of space.

Moreover the vehicle represents excellent value for money. Safe and comfortable driving pleasure is available with Touran 1.4 TSI Conceptline for € 22,590. The Trendline basic model costs € 23,925 and the Highline is priced at € 26,400.

The 2.0 I TDI starts at € 26,900, the Highline at € 29,375. Both models are also on sale with direct shift gearbox from € 28,550 and € 31,025 respectively.


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