Thursday, June 09, 2005

Len Hunt speaks

On the Car Lounge at, Len Hunt, Executive VP of VW of America, Inc. and VW Canada finally reached out to enthusiasts when he made a series post on the Car Lounge. He expressed a concern about VW's quality and current offering of vehicles in North America and reassured enthusiasts that he is speaking to the folks at Wolfsburg on our behalf. Thus far, he has made 3 posts.

On his latest post, he unofficially (read: unofficially. This could change or it could not) confirmed the arrival of a 5-door GTI to North American shores. He said that it has been a point of contention within VW of America whether to bring the 5-door version over but in the end, they decided to bring it to the North American market. He will not disclose when but assures that it is in the plan.

Lent Hunt's comments:
"Many of you in the thread I've been following..." (Latest)
"Ladies and Gentlemen, yes it is really I, Len Hunt..."
"Thanks, Vortexers, for this subject which I obviously find very important..."


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