Friday, September 23, 2005

The New Golf R32

Text and photos from Volkswagen AG.
Flagship Golf Returns

Superior: Most powerful Golf ever with four-wheel drive as standard

Fast: New Golf R32 delivers 250 hp and reaches 250 km/h

Wolfsburg, 23 September 2005 - The new R32 is the most powerful and fastest Golf ever. Its predecessor has already become a collector’s item - we sold three times as many first generation Golf R32s than we originally planned. Now the flagship Golf returns on the basis of the current version of Europe’s most successful car. The combination of standard four-wheel drive (4MOTION), 184 kW / 250 hp, 0-100 km/h in 6.2 seconds (using DSG* gearbox) and a top speed of 250 km/h make the Golf R32 one of the best sports cars in the compact class. Ideally balanced for fast lap times on track days, the equally comfortable Golf R32 is also recommended for long trips between appointments.

Engine and chassis: The perfect way to transfer power to the road

R32 V6:
At the heart of the new top of the range Golf is a four-valve six-cylinder engine, which has a displacement of 3,189 cm3 and delivers 320 Newton metres. Its sonorous tone testifies to its superior power development. The engine propels the Golf forwards from any rev range as if there was no air resistance. Power to weight ratio: 6 kg/hp.

R32 handling: The engineers have tuned the sports chassis perfectly to the V6 boost and 4MOTION grip. While the GTI chassis has been lowered by 15 millimetres compared with the series model, the new R32 has been lowered 20 millimetres. This car is therefore both comfortable and, thanks to the four-wheel drive, very agile.

A question of character: GT, GTI and R32 all feature individual design statements

R32 front section:
The new model is distinguished more greatly from the other derivatives in the series than the first Golf R32 was. Customers have an excellent choice of exterior colours including the exclusive “Deep Blue Pearl Effect”, which ensured the first generation of R32 could be spotted miles away. Like the current Golf GTI and Golf GT, the Golf R32 has its own special radiator grille. The design and aluminium look of the R32 grille also distinguish it from the GTI and GT front. Particularly the lower part of the grille framed by Bi-Xenon headlights shows great modulation in the style of classic sports cars. Double aluminium-look horizontal bars in the upper section of the radiator form a further R32 element. At the side of the radiator grille, two additional large intakes complete the air supply. Furthermore, in contrast to all other Golfs, the lower third of the front bumper is painted completely in the body colour and there is an airflow element on each side whose shape continues in the side skirting and the rear bumper.

R32 rear end: The rear bumper on the new Golf R32 is also painted completely in the body colour. Only the centre segment, styled to look like a diffuser, is black. The twin round polished stainless steel tail pipes have been integrated next to each other to make a striking feature.

R32 silhouette: Looking at the Golf R32 from the side, the 18-inch alloy wheels (“Zolder” model) stand out. Featuring a total of 20 spokes, they are based on the design of the first R32 wheels. The blue painted brake callipers are clearly visible behind them. They seize the 345 mm brake discs at the front and 310 mm discs at the rear whenever you hit the brake pedal. The harmoniously integrated roof spoiler uses the aerodynamic forces to push the Golf R32 down onto the road. It joins the powerful-looking C-pillar - a typical Golf feature for decades - as an extension of the roof.

Interior: A new classic is born

R32 interior:
The sporty and exclusive character of the Golf R32 is also reflected in the interior. Highlights include standard sports seats with integrated R32 logo – or optional sports bucket seats exclusively developed for the Golf R32, the metal applications “Engine Spin” (with a circular pattern), a specially designed gearstick knob and a sports steering wheel (leather / perforated leather) with integrated R32 logo in metal for excellent synthesis of good grip and top-class long distance comfort.

Equipment: Bi-Xenon and Climatronic standard on R32

R32 standard equipment, part I:
The complete standard equipment for the R32 includes automatic climate control (Climatronic), onboard computer (MFD), RCD 300 radio CD system, alarm system, rain sensor, coming home/leaving home light function, multifunction steering wheel with shift buttons (with DSG), tyre pressure monitor, blue heat-insulated glass, Bi-Xenon headlights, six airbags and ESP.

R32 standard equipment, part II: The Golf R32 is sure-footed thanks to the broad track and sports chassis that has been lowered 20 millimetres. The new 18-inch alloy wheels specially developed for the new top model make a decisive contribution. The 225/40 tyres are approved for speeds up to 300 km/h.


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