Thursday, October 20, 2005

"More Autonomy" for Volkswagen Canada

Text from CNW Group.
AJAX, ON, Oct. 19 /CNW/ - Volkswagen Canada announced that it will
implement a new organizational structure, effective January 1st 2006, in order to capitalize on growth opportunities in the Canadian automotive market.

At that time, John White, Vice President Operations, will become Executive Vice President of the company. White will report to Frank Witter, who continues to serve as Chief Executive Officer of Volkswagen Canada Inc. and of its sister company Volkswagen of America, Inc. Volkswagen Canada will also have stronger communication links with its parent corporation, Volkswagen AG in Germany, ensuring that the product and strategic needs of the Canadian market are fully represented at a consistently high level. The structure dedicated to Canada includes: A new Product Marketing department, together with an Advertising and Communications team, will develop and implement marketing strategies tailored to Canada. They will work with the two advertising agencies that will manage the Canadian account, Crispin-Porter + Bogusky and Palm Publicite. Public Relations will continue to integrate communications with the English and French language press.

The new Canadian Product Planning Team will ensure that products are equipped, priced and positioned to reflect the different market segments in this country.

The Sales Division will be in charge of field staff as well as Certified Pre Owned/Fleet, Dealer Development, Distribution, Incentive Planning and Sales Training programmes.

The After Sales and Quality Department will be responsible for Canadian Customer Relations, Warranty, Technical Training, Parts Sales and Marketing.

In announcing the new structure, White said, "We are very excited about the changes which will give the Canadian Volkswagen organization more autonomy and allow us to focus directly on serving our dealers and customers"


Anonymous Morrie Cohen Thornhill said...

My new 2008 Volkswagen Passat Komfort Wagon purchased October 30,2008 at Volkswagen Richmond Hill,Richmond Hill Ontario is a lemon!
My radio has been replaced within two weeks of ownership.
I have a sunroof rattle that has been serviced though still not 100% rattle free.
My wiper blades have seized on two occasions which I consider very dangerous and could cause a very seriour accident especially if I was driving on a highway.
V.W. claims the seized wiper blades occur due to a sensitive sensor which helps Volkswagen from not replacing wiper blade motors as they have in the past.
This is great for Volkswagen and frightfull for the driver who is caught with non functioning wiper blades while driving.
Close to Christmas the power tailgate and the mechanisim to lock the tailgate both died and I did not have use of the vehicle for a week due to a delay in getting technical help from V.W.Canada/U.S. as this office was closed Decenber 23/24 and 27,2008.
Once my dealer could reach V.W.technicla support they were able to fix these two items.
My recent concern with the car is the heater does not keep the lower area of the car warm.
My wife and I are freezing even after the car is driven for a half hour or more which should be ample time for the car to warm up.
My delaership tells me that the heater is working fine.
My wife has 2005 Toyota Hihlander and it has been 100% trouble free.
My new Passat should be trouble free however this is not the case.
I will not be satisfied with V.W. Canada until my 2008 Passat Wagen is replaced with another new 2008 Wagon or a V.W. nodel of my choice which would likely be a Jetta as I have owned three in the past six years and they have been perfect.

Sun. Jan. 25, 06:32:00 p.m.  

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