Friday, December 23, 2005

Volkswagen Marine Engines Now Available In US

Text from Volkswagen AG.
Distribution Contract with Ring Power signed

Wolfsburg/St. Augustine, 23 December 2005 - Volkswagen Marine engines are now also distributed in the United States. A corresponding distribution agreement was signed with American company Ring Power Corporation, Florida.

Volkswagen Marine engines are distributed in Europe since 2001. The contract with Ring Power gives Volkswagen Marine access to a market which is several times bigger than Europe and Oceania combined. This is a major step forward in the global distribution of Volkswagen Marine.

Volkswagen AG welcomes this partnership in light of the excellent reputation enjoyed by Ring Power both for their distribution and service of the entire Caterpillar range in Central- and Northern Florida, and for their further commercial activities which will give Volkswagen Marine access to the entire United States. Ring Power has made a substantial initial order of Volkswagen Marine Engines.

The American company will now implement a network of extensively trained Volkswagen Marine partners in all regions of the United States where there is a market for pleasure craft. Product launch in the United States is planned for spring 2006.

Ring Power takes the opportunity to offer users of compact engines a well defined offer of Volkswagen Marine engines, which have extreme refinement, exceptional environmental friendliness, low fuel consumption and minimized maintenance requirements in common – including features like oil change at the touch of a button and automatic adjustment of valve clearance and drive belt tension.

The engines are an outstanding alternative to existing diesel engines for owners of pleasure craft from 18ft upwards. These compact, light weight, high speed and fuel economic diesel engines will be offered in configurations with stern drive, shaft drive and sail drive. This enables entry into the American market for water-ski, sport boat, sport cruiser, sport fish, trawler and sailboat markets.


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