Monday, April 03, 2006

The New Polo GTI

Text and photos from Volkswagen AG.
Turbo engine delivering 110kW/150hp packs a powerful punch

Striking design picks up on characteristic elements from GTI tradition

Wolfsburg, 03 April 2006 - The new Polo GTI is about to be launched. Delivering 110kW/150hp, it is the most powerful Polo since the series was introduced over 30 years ago. The exterior and interior concept of this potent super mini is deliberately true to the legendary Golf GTI. The Polo GTI will be launched on the first markets this spring.

The GTI label is one of the most famous in the automobile world. The last Polo GTI made its debut in 1998. It delivered 125hp and reached a top speed of 205km/h. In the latest version, 150hp allows a top speed of exactly 216km/h. The other key data for the new Polo GTI is as follows:
0 to 100km/h in 8.2 seconds, a maximum torque of 220Nm (at 1,950rpm) and an average consumption of 7.8 litres. The tradition of sporty top of the range Polos is incidentally twenty years old: It began in 1986 with 115hp in the Polo G40.

Like the Golf GTI, the new Polo GTI also has a turbo-charged engine with intercooler. The GTI badge does, of course, demand the appropriate torque development. In the Polo GTI, a 1.8-litre five-valve four-cylinder provides powerful acceleration at low revs and top elasticity values. The Polo GTI needs just 7.5 seconds to jump from 80 to 120km/h in fourth gear.

The Polo GTI is a thoroughly sporty and safe car with impressive driving properties plus a special GTI exterior and interior. If we take the exterior, for example: At the front, this “little” GTI features the typical radiator grille styling of the “big” GTI – black, V-shaped and with an upper air intake in honeycomb mesh. The double headlights are also framed in black as are the standard fog lights in the outer air intakes. A very prominent roof spoiler (with integrated third brake light) has been placed above the tailgate providing ideal downforce on the rear axle. Further down you will notice the chrome twin exhaust tail pipes.

It is no secret that black, silver or red paintwork goes best with the GTI styling. The front and rear brake callipers on the mighty disc brakes are also red. The 16-inch alloy wheels in the style of the Golf GTI with their five U-shaped openings have the effect of a stroboscope. They even clearly display the callipers at high speed on the road. The tyre size is 205/45 R 16. The tyres reach deep inside the wheel arches. The sports chassis (with standard ESP) is 15 millimetres lower than the standard version. Black side skirting underlines the dynamic chassis configuration.

As is the tradition, the new Polo GTI features special sports seats with the typical checked “Interlagos” pattern. The sports steering wheel, gearstick knob and gaiter as well as the handbrake grip are leather. A metal-like surface enhances the look and feel of the centre console and panels around the side air vents in the cockpit. Features like red cross stitching inside the steering wheel and the red edges of the black seat belts, show the great attention to the finest of details. This also applies to the metal embossed shift pattern on the gearstick knob and to the aluminium pedals.

Fully-equipped GTI: Nothing has been sacrificed for the sake of sportiness in the Polo GTI. The controls are well-organised as usual, the quality is excellent, the cargo space is large (270 to 1,030 litres) and the rear bench is flexible (folding bench and backrest split 1/3 to 2/3). The proven body plus the front and side airbags ensure a reassuring level of passive safety — the front passenger airbag can be deactivated.


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