Thursday, November 10, 2005

2006 North American Volkswagen GTI Press Release

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The press release along with the first official photos of the GTI have been released by Volkswagen of America. The GTI is expected to arrive February 2006 (June 2006 for Canada) with a price around US$22,350.

One notable difference between the North American GTI and European GTI is the obvious increase in ride height. Whether or not this was done by Volkswagen in accordance with DOT regulations or not, this has been a point of contention among prospective GTI buyers. Another point of contention is the North American GTI's lack of those large bolstered seats offered in the European GTI. Again, this change may or may not be a result of DOT regulations about testing the side airbags in certain seat materials. It is important to note, however, that the large bolstered European GTI seats will be available in leather but not in the nostalgic Interlagos upholstery.

Regardless, many Volkswagen enthusiasts across North America (myself included) are excited to finally have the new GTI offered in Volkswagen's lineup. Volkswagen proclaims that the GTI has returned to its roots; returned to the original Mk. I GTI that launched the hot hatch segement. Others have tried to duplicate the GTI, both the car and its success without avail. This new generation GTI has just made it harder to do that.

Read the press release.


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