Monday, November 21, 2005

Volkswagen Delays Eos Launch... Again

Text from Reuters.
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Volkswagen AG, the world's fourth-largest carmaker, has delayed the launch of its Eos coupe-cabriolet model again, to July 2006, a company spokesman said on Saturday.

Dealers had now been given the first weekend in July as the target date for the Eos market launch, the spokesman said, citing a range of problems. "The roof is one issue," he said.

A coupe-cabriolet is a model with a coupe silhouette that sports a retractable hardtop, allowing it to change to a cabriolet. Fewer and fewer cabrios entering the market these days come with a traditional soft material top. Volkswagen said on Tuesday the launch would be delayed until May 2006. It was originally planned for March.

Trade newspaper Automobilwoche, in a preview of its Monday edition, said production problems in Portugal were also a reason for the delay.

Industry sources estimate VW will build 50,000 Eos cars per year.

Editor's note: There is no word on the North American launch. It may be realistic to expect a launch sometime in the Fall or Winter of 2006. Sources in Germany says that the first delay was ordered by Wolfgang Bernhard himself because of an issue with the mechanical roof making a noise while opening and closing. It appears the roof problem still hasn't been resolved and other problems have cropped up, promting a second delay.

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