Sunday, January 08, 2006

Volkswagen Group Announces Record Deliveries in 2005

Text from Volkswagen AG.
Wolfsburg/Detroit, 08 January 2006 - The Volkswagen Group announced record deliveries for 2005. 5.24 million vehicles were delivered to customers worldwide last year, corresponding to a year-on-year increase of 3.2 %. “This development is due to our successful model initiative,” said Dr. Bernd Pischetsrieder, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG, in Detroit on Sunday. “Five of our brands have achieved their best-ever delivery results.” ...

The Group’s expansion of its leading market position in Western Europe was particularly impressive. 2.94 million (+ 6.7 %) vehicles were delivered to customers in that region last year. In Germany, the Group topped the one million mark, delivering 1.03 million vehicles to customers there, 8.2 % up on the previous year.

Developments in the South America/South Africa region were also positive, with an increase of 11.7 % to 596,000. In the USA, Group deliveries to customers totaled 312,000 (- 7.6 %), down on the previous year. In China*, the Group defended its leading market position in the passenger car segment even though deliveries to customers were down at 572,000 (- 11.7 %).

Volkswagen Passenger Cars, the core brand, delivered 3.09 million vehicles to customers worldwide, representing an increase of 0.8 %. In Western Europe, Volkswagen Passenger Cars returned to the leading market position after four years.1.44 million vehicles were delivered to customers in the region, 6 % up on the previous year. On its home market, deliveries to customers by Volkswagen Passenger Cars grew 5.6 % to 532,000. In South America/South Africa, the number of vehicles delivered to customers rose 13 % to 497,000. In the USA, deliveries fell 12.4 % to 224,000. In China*, deliveries were down 12.3 % at 511,000. Volkswagen Passenger Cars nevertheless retains its leading market position on the Chinese passenger car market.

The Skoda brand announced its best-ever result, delivering 492,000 vehicles to customers. This represents a 9 % year-on-year increase. In its home region of Central and Eastern Europe, Skoda successfully grew deliveries to customers by 1.3 % to 186,000 units despite difficult market conditions. The brand achieved its strongest growth in Western Europe, where deliveries to customers rose 14.8 % to 276,000.

Deliveries to customers by the Bentley brand grew 31.2 % to 8,627. This represents a delivery record for the British top-class brand. Growth was strongest in the USA, where deliveries by the brand rose 51.4 % to 3,752.

Audi achieved a new record in 2005, with 829,000 vehicles (+ 6.4 %) delivered. Audi was particularly successful in Western Europe, where the number of vehicles delivered to customers rose 7 % to 599,000. In Germany, the figure rose 5.1 % to 247,000. Audi deliveries in the USA also rose significantly, increasing by 6.6 % to 83,000. In China*, sales fell by 8 % to 59,000.

The Seat brand delivered 422,000 vehicles last year, down 4.5 % on the figure for the previous year. In Spain, the brand’s home market, Seat increased deliveries by 0.6 % to 152,000.

Lamborghini, the Italian sports car brand, delivered 1,607 vehicles to customers worldwide. This represents an increase of 0.9 % and marks a new record for the brand.

Deliveries by the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand grew 20.1 %, representing the strongest growth in the Group. Deliveries to customers totaled 401,000 units. On its home market in Germany, the brand sold 113,000 (+ 33%) vehicles. In Western Europe, brand deliveries grew 23 % to 250,000.

(* 2004 figures for China refer to deliveries to dealers. Deliveries to customers have also been recorded since 2005.)


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