Friday, June 09, 2006

Volkswagen Reports Significant Growth in May

Text from Volkswagen AG.
Wolfsburg, 09 June 2006 - In May, the Volkswagen brand once again sold considerably more cars than in the same month of the previous year despite stiff global competition. The number of cars delivered to customers throughout the world rose 18.1 percent to 298,000. Since January, deliveries have risen 15.4 percent to 1.38 million vehicles. “In all regions, we are experiencing gratifying growth as a result of our attractive model range. Last year’s model offensive is still having an effect. Nevertheless, markets continue to be dominated by severe pressure on prices and margins,” said Dr. Michael Kern, Member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen Passenger Car brand responsible for sales and marketing.

“The marked rise in deliveries means that we have been able to boost our market shares in key European automobile markets,” added Kern. In May, Volkswagen delivered 141,000 vehicles to customers in western Europe. This corresponds to a 15.9 percent rise over the figure for May 2005. Since the beginning of the year, the number of deliveries has therefore risen 12 percent to 636,000 vehicles.

In China, car deliveries were up 18.3 percent to 50,000 units. Since the beginning of the year, Volkswagen has therefore achieved growth of 27.8 percent to 254,000 cars. In the entire Asia-Pacific region including China, the number of deliveries rose 17.8 percent to 57,000. With 290,000 vehicles sold since January, the rise in this region was 25.5 percent.

Car sales in North America in May were up 18.3 percent to 35,000, with a 35.6 percent rise to 22,100 units in the USA. Total sales in the region since January reached 160,000 vehicles, up 7.2 percent on the same period of 2005. In the USA, sales from January to May totaled 96,000 vehicles, up 23.6 percent on the same period of 2005.

Volkswagen sales in South America and South Africa also rose markedly, by 12.6 percent to 46,000 units in May. Since the beginning of the year, 216,000 vehicles have been sold on these markets, a rise of 11.9 percent. On the smaller automobile markets of the world, sales in May rose 28.9 percent to 19,000; sales since January were up 44.3 percent to 75,000 cars.


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