Saturday, November 18, 2006

Neeza may see light of China

At this year's Auto China show, Volkswagen reveals their new concept, the Neeza. It's hard to judge the size of the thing based on these pictures but rest assured, the Neeza is no Audi Q7. In fact, its underpinnings are based off of the forthcoming Tiguan. As much as it's form (and Volkswagen spinmeisters for that matter) tries to hide it, this is still a wagon.

According to Volkswagen, should the Neeza get the green light for production, it will remain a China-only model. So, unless you live in China, don't expect this in showrooms ever. If you do live in China, word on the street is a model launch by decade's end.

Although the Neeza stole the Volkswagen spotlight at Auto China, the Golf GTI, CrossPolo, and Eos also made their Chinese debut. The Concept A was also shown at the show. The Magotan also makes a debut in China. It is essentially a B6 Passat that will become one of Volkswagen's top models in that market.

Press release and photos after the jump.

Source: Volkswagen AG
World premiere of the Neeza concept as the exhibition highlight

Neeza: new Volkswagen concept designed for China

Magotan: new premium sedan based on the Passat

China premieres: Concept A, Eos, Golf GTI and CrossPolo
Wolfsburg/Beijing, 17 November 2006 - Volkswagen is today igniting a fireworks of superlative innovations at Auto China 2006: Three world and four China premieres will ensure that visitors to the motor show get a picture of the new Volkswagen models being offered in China in the coming years.

As an exhibition highlight and world premiere Volkswagen is showing the Neeza concept, a crossover of a coupé and a station wagon, self-confident and powerful, designed for China in China! In another world premiere Europe’s most successful car maker is also presenting a model modified for the Middle Country: The classy and large Magotan is based on the Passat and from now on will be one of Volkswagen’s top models in China.

In addition, Volkswagen is presenting four China premieres in Beijing. I: With the Concept A Volkswagen is providing a peek at the new Tiguan SUV. II: With the Golf GTI a Volkswagen with cult status is debuting in Beijing. III: With the Eos the first convertible coupé will be available in China. IV: And with the CrossPolo Volkswagen is showing how smart a small car can be.

On the world premiere of the Neeza: Visually, the self-confident mid-sized Neeza model – conceptually a crossover of a coupé and a station wagon – pays its respects to the off-road and sports car world; nevertheless, the Volkswagen designed for China in China convinces with features suitable for everyday use. An all-round talent unifying Chinese and German automotive expertise in a new car generation. The concept opens the window to the future of new models from Shanghai Volkswagen. The culture, the individual taste and the desires of Chinese customers will become an integral component of car development in the design of these cars. An example of exterior design: Here the Neeza demonstrates a completely new symbiosis of Asian SVW design and German Volkswagen design philosophy.

The name Neeza was derived from "Ne-zha". Ne-zha is a celebrated figure from Chinese history. Ne-zha was a small boy with magic weapons who fought against evil spirits. His unequalled will, his youthful and foresighted spirit and courage reflect the idea hidden behind the character and the name of the concept.

On the world premiere of the Magotan: The sedan specially tailored to the Chinese market is a popular car known around the world as the Passat. Technically, the new Magotan is considered a German high-end product. Safety, driving dynamics, engines, quality and ergonomics reflect a standard that is among the best in the world.

It was taken into consideration during the design of the model in Germany that in terms of both design and features this sedan meet every demand of the Chinese market and satisfy the tastes of modern Chinese society. Starting in 2007 the luxurious, sporty and progressive Magotan will be offered in China.


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