Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Golf Variant spy shots shows a different face

German mag Autobild has shown pictures of what looks like the Golf Variant that should be forthcoming in Europe sometime early Summer this year. However, it is not the fact that it's a wagon version of the Golf that is newsworthy (there has always been Golf Variants in the past). What is interesting to note is the different front end this Golf sports. Ignore the seemingly sharper-edged headlights, that is just some camouflaging. All the news is in the new grille, which, from our limited point of view, seems to now sport Volkswagen's corporate grille. Also, lower front fascia also seems to be different. Up back, the Golf Variant receives some camouflage help from nature as the whole rear section is conveniently covered by snow. A small part of the taillights are visible but too little is visible to be worth anything.

North America, don't hold your breath. This one stays in Europe.

More pictures after the jump.

Source: Autobild


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those aren't "sharper-edged" headlights. They're the standard Golf headlights with masking.

Fri. Jan. 19, 08:17:00 a.m.  
Anonymous Lorenzo said...

That's exactly what I meant when I said the stuff about camouflaging.

Fri. Jan. 19, 06:52:00 p.m.  

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