Thursday, November 24, 2005

The 2005 Essen Motor Show

Text and photos from Volkswagen AG.
World premiere of the CrossPolo on the Ruhr

CrossPolo Successor of the Polo Fun debuts at the Essen Motor Show

Other Novelties: Polo GTI, Eos, Golf speed, Golf GT und Golf R32

Wolfsburg / Essen, 24 November 2005 - In a world premiere at the 38th Essen Motor Show Volkswagen presents the CrossPolo. The distinctive four-door with large hatchback, in the style of a small SUV, recommends itself as a practical and lifestyle oriented all-round talent with can-do qualities. The CrossPolo, developed under the direction of Volkswagen Individual, will follow the successful Polo Fund in February 2006. Parallel to the CrossPolo, Volkswagen will present the European premiere of the new Polo GTI with 110 kW Turbo motor in Essen. Other sporty highlights on the Ruhr: The Convertible Coupe Eos, the new Golf speed, the innovative Golf GT and, of course, the Golf R32. Furthermore the largest automobile manufacturer in Europe will also present, among others, the Fox, the Passat Limousine (as a version of Volkswagen Individual), the Passat Variant, the Touareg W12 Executive as well as the competition vehicles Polo Cup and Race Touareg 2 (Polo Cup and Race Touareg 2 see separate Press kit from Volkswagen Motorsport).

CrossPolo: ­Thanks to its 15 millimeters higher chassis the front wheel drive CrossPolo accomplishes even the toughest road conditions. ­Optically the avantgardistic Volkswagen stands out in the crowd of compacts with its 17” alloy wheels, robust and color coordinated chassis attachment parts and newly designed fenders in the off road style. ­The interior has special fabric seat covers and chrome trimmings, which shapes the unique character of the versatile CrossPolo. ­The motor spectrum includes three gasoline engines (47 kW / 64 hp, 55 kW / 75 hp, 74 kW / 100 hp) and two turbo-diesel direct-fuel-injections (51 kW / 70 hp and 74 kW / 100 hp).

Thanks to its higher chassis and a practical roof railing, which comes standard, the CrossPolo has significantly gained in height. The carriage and tires alone bring an additional 32 millimeters; measured up to the roof railing the CrossPolo is even 70 millimeters (total: 1,537 millimeters) higher than the classical versions of the series. ­The outdoor mirrors in brilliant chrome paint correspond optically with the roof railing. The modified front spoiler also picks up this metal theme as a design element. The central middle air intake received a matte aluminum look trimming that takes on a suggested shape of an underride protection. The fog lights located on the sides next to it come standard. Next to the exterior the interior also exhibits numerous modifications. For example: color coordinated sport seats that correspond with the body paint.

Polo GTI: In a European premiere Volkswagen presents the new Polo GTI at the Essen Motor Show. With 110 kW / 150 hp it is the strongest model since the introduction of the series thirty years ago. Starting in Spring 2006 the Polo GTI will be available in select markets. Further key data: ­1.8-Liter-Turbo motor with intercooler, 216 km/h maximum speed, from 0-to-100-km/h-sprint in 8.2 seconds, 220 Nm maximum moment of torque (at 1,950 rpm) and 7.8 Liter average fuel consumption. From the front, the “small-scale” GTI pays tribute to the typical radiator grille design, traditional territory of the “large-scale” GTI - black, v-shaped, upper air grilles with honeycombed protective grating. Likewise, the double headlights and standard fog lamps in the outer air grilles are both stylishly edged in black. ­The rear section is characterized by a chrome double end exhaust pipe and a roof-edge spoiler. Additionally the Polo GTI comes standard with 16” alloy wheels and 205 tires, black sillboards, a 15 millimeters lower sport chassis and ESP. The noble interior includes sport seats in the front with the typical checkered pattern “Interlagos” and many other GTI details (such as red seams in the steering wheels interior, red rims of the otherwise black seat belts or aluminum pedal).

Cabriolet-Coupé Eos: The new Eos from Volkswagen is the first four-door car in the world with a five piece CSC roof; the foldable hardtop combines the features of a Coupé-, Sun-, and Convertible roof in one. When closed the CSC roof spans a tail-like arch between the rear section and windshield. This creates a Coupe roof par excellence, elegant and sportive. The roofline is stretched, the rear section muscular, the impression high class. When open the 4.41 meter long and 1.79 meter wide Eos shows that it was designed as a Convertible-Coupé and its chassis concept was not derived from an existing model. The CSC roof made it possible to keep the windshield frame short and the rear section compact. Result: sharp proportions in the style of a classic convertible.

Complete opening and closing happens rather quickly: From the first “clack” to the last “click” it takes approx. 25 seconds. Just as in the New Beetle Convertible, a roll-over bar security system, which extends in maximum 0.25 seconds, optimizes critical driving situations. On the engine side the Eos offers four gas fuel motors with the performance range 85 kW / 115 hp, 110 kW / 150 hp, 147 kW / 200 hp and 184 kW / 250 hp as well as a 103 kW / 140 hp strong TDI with standard diesel particle filter. The four cylinder direct fuel injection can make use of up to 147 kW, the 184 kW models draws its strength from six cylinders. The new 3.3 V6 is shifted via the double clutch transmission DSG, the 110 kW and 147 kW strong FSI engines can optionally be combined with DSG.

Golf Speed: The Golf Speed study with its Lamborghini finish colors and many accessories has been causing a stir for months. It was conceived by young Volkswagen apprentices. The response from drivers that have seen the “orange speed” and “yellow speed” colored Golf-studies at trade shows, in the Car city and at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin was so overwhelming that a miniseries of one hundred Golf yellow speed and Golf orange speed each have been ordered. Multicolor plays a main role: Four color coats, applied by hand, ensure a one of a kind multi-faceted brilliance which is particularly emphasized in the sunlight and from different view points.

Just like the Golf R32, the Golf Speed has an exhaust system with a double end pipe in the middle. In the front the shining chrome grille and chrome outside mirrors also stand out. The dynamic overall impression is underlined even more through the rear spoiler and the broadened body colored sillboards as well as the 18” alloy wheels. ­­Numerous other modifications such as tinted windows, cherry red rear lights in the style of the R32, a sport seat system adapted from the Golf GTI but in this case upholstered with leather and alcantara (decorative seams plus interior applications in body color), sport chassis, 18” alloy wheels as well as the production number engraved in the interior underline the exclusivity of this special series. The Golf speed is powered by 2.0 FSI with 110 kW / 150 hp or the 2.0 TDI with 103 kW / 140 hp. The TDI can be ordered optional with the sporty double clutch system DSG.

Golf GT: Following the Golf R32 and Golf GTI, Volkswagen is bringing the third dynamic version of the most successful European car on the market. Golf GT. And that as a double feature. Because, as a world premiere, the new Golf GT comes with a double charged FSI motor (Twincharger – exhaust turbocharger plus compressor) and the up to now strongest VW four cylinder turbo diesel. Both motors develop 125 kW/ 170 hp. Special characteristic: more output, less consumption. Example Golf GT with 1.4-liter-125-kW-twincharger-motor: ­Its four cylinders are the strongest aggregate of a completely newly developed motor family. With this motor after only 7.9 seconds the Golf GT is 100 km/h fast. Maximum speed: 220 km/h ­Average fuel consumption: 7.2 liters. Example Golf GT 2.0 TDI: ­­Equipped with highly modern piezo-pump-spray-direct-injection and four valve technology, it provides a 0-100-km/h rate of 8.2 seconds and a maximum speed of 220 km/h. ­­Average consumption: 5.9 liter. Golf GT models will be available with their own look and equipment.

Golf R32: With the new Golf R32, the second generation of the strongest Golf of all times will be available in the coming days. Once again, with the permanent all wheel drive 4Motion but with even more power. 184 kW / 250 hp. Just like its predecessor the new leading Golf – like the CrossPolo conceptualized by Volkswagen Individual – has its own look and equipment. The Golf R32 is up to 250 km/h fast and alternately to the manual transmission can be shifted via the double clutch transmission DSG. In this case the “R32” accelerates even faster: 6.2 instead of 6.5 seconds. As with its predecessor the lead Golf features a special look and equipment. From the front the current R32 generation can be distinguished among other things by its logo grille in the aluminum look. Distinguishing the rear section: two round end pipe out of polished stainless steel. Looking at the silhouette of the Golf R32 one notices the 18” alloy wheels (type “Zolder”) with 225 tires. The consequent sporty concept of the Golf R32 is like a red thread throughout the car. Example interior: the sportive character of the lead Golf is underlined by the stand alone instruments, sport seats, stainless steel pedals and special applications. The sport steering wheel with perforation leather in the grip area and the R32 gear shift knob are solid.

All data and equipment information in the press kit is for the model program offered in Germany. It can vary in other countries. Subject to change.
The names FSI, TDI, DSG, CSC and SunFuel are registered trademarks of the Volkswagen AG or other entities of the Volkswagen Group in Germany.


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