Thursday, November 08, 2007

Two new models for US market by 2010

It seems Volkswagen is planning to let loose two new models in the US market. Both are sedans, one being a compact and the other being a midsize. Details remain scarce but what we do know is this, according to Automotive News:

• A “New Compact Sedan” (NCS), will be longer than the current VW Jetta, which measures 4.55 meters or 14.9 feet, in order to satisfy US customers’ desire for more interior room. The NCS platform will also provide the base for the successor to the Jetta, currently built in Mexico, for export to Europe. VW plans to produce 160,000 units a year, according to the documents.

• A “New Medium Sedan” (NMS) is an affordable sedan that includes fewer technical features than others in the Passat class. VW is planning to produce 120,000 units of the car per year.

It doesn't really say whether these two models will be replacing the Jetta and Passat. I don't think they will but I also think having four sedans on your lineup is strange. Until we can get more information, this remains a rumour for now.

Source: eGMCarTech


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