Monday, July 11, 2005

Praises for Fox's safety by the ADAC

Text and photos from Volkswagen AG.
In the current crash tests carried out by the ADAC the Volkswagen Fox has demonstrated impressively that low-cost small vehicles can also be very safe. Thanks to this good result, the Fox is currently at the top of its price segment

WOLFSBURG, Germany - Safety is not a question of money. This is not just Volkswagen's opinion but also the opinion of the ADAC. The experts, however, wanted to know just how safe low-cost small vehicles are. For this reason, the ADAC tested the new Volkswagen Fox, amongst other vehicles, for crash safety.

This test was carried out according to current EuroNCAP criteria at the ADAC technical centre in Landsberg. This test centre simulates the typical front-end crash, in an overtaking situation for example. In this case, the vehicle hits a deformable aluminium barrier at a speed of 64 km/h and with an overlap of 40 percent.

"The small Fox shows its strength“, writes ADAC crash expert Klaus Brieter in ADACmotorwelt (7/2005). He continues: "The coordination between the belt tensioners, belt tension limiter, the airbags and the collapsible steering column functions well. Both airbags are fully inflated before the head and torso of the vehicle occupants hit them with full weight. The risk of injury for the head, neck and chest is kept at a pleasingly low level. The robust passenger compartment heroically defies the violent crash: the front door pillar is pushed just 24 millimetres to the rear. Very good, because the driver's door can be opened at the door handle without any problem after the crash – making it possible to help the vehicle occupants very quickly after an accident.“

The Fox also achieved good results in the side-impact test, in which a battering ram hits the side of the vehicle at a speed of 50 km/h: "The robust rear door pillar, the slightly deformed sill and the side impact profiles made of steel integrated in the doors are important contributing factors towards distributing the force of the blow across a large surface."

Overall the Fox received a total of 29 points from the ADAC experts, which corresponds to four out of five stars according to the EuroNCAP assessment scheme. With this result, the new Volkswagen is currently at the top of its price class and thus shows that a very high level of safety can be achieved in a low-cost vehicle. The ADAC has also reached this conclusion: "The Fox clearly demonstrates that even a cheap small car can be very safe.“

Independently of the ADAC, Auto Bild also carried out a crash test with the Fox at the DEKRA crash test facility in Neumünster. In the edition dated 22/2005, Auto Bild reaches the following conclusion: "With the Fox, Volkswagen has shown impressively that low-cost vehicles can be safe. For 8,950 Euro the Fox provides top levels of occupant protection and even nearly reached the level of its big brother, the Golf V, in the front-end crash.“

Safety has always been a primary development objective at Volkswagen. This can, of course, also be seen in the new Fox. Furthermore, the Fox demonstrates that an attractive price does not rule out uncompromising occupant protection.


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