Saturday, June 17, 2006

Things to come

Text from Autoweek.
Touareg: Facelifted, the SUV offers a 3.6-liter 280-hp V6 gas engine. U.S. sales start by fourth quarter
Cross Golf: Off-road-inspired model addition

Golf (Jetta)Wagon: New Jetta-based load hauler
Compact SUV: Production version of Concept A show car offered in front- and four-wheel drive. Big things are expected by the home office for this in the United States
Minivan: Joint-venture seven-seater built alongside upcoming Chrysler minivans in Canada

Polo: Fifth-generation subcompact hatch under development with eye toward possible sales as entry-level U.S. model. Three- and five-door hatch and sedan versions planned
Scirocco: See main story; produced in Portugal alongside Eos
Golf/Rabbit: Sixth-generation, Europe’s perennial best-seller overhauled in a bid to make it cheaper to produce and boost VW’s bottom line
Passat coupe: Mercedes-Benz CLS fighter with a sleek coupe profile and four-door layout will be built alongside the (facelifted for 2008) sedan and wagon

Touran: Golf-based compact MPV renewed. Possible U.S. entry
Jetta: Sixth incarnation of VW’s compact sedan. The U.S. version may ditch costly multilink rear suspension for a return to torsion beam. Production stays in Mexico
Polo MPV: Subcompact, unlikely to head Stateside
Polo cabriolet: Affordable cloth roof convertible with two-plus-two layout. Possible starter for North America
Touareg: Second-generation SUV developed in joint venture with Porsche (Cayenne) and Audi (Q7). Adds gasoline-electric hybrid model, direct injection for V6 and V8. W12 replaced with conventional V12 by Audi
Phaeton: Second-generation upmarket sedan; will VW try to interest Americans again?


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