Sunday, May 27, 2007

GTI for the insane

Right now, there must be an insane bunch of people on Volkswagen's payroll. I mean, to even think of shoehorning a 6.0L W12 into the Golf GTI's little body. It's just mind boggling. But that is exactly what Volkswagen did when they showed off the Golf GTI W12 650 concept at the Wörthersee 2007 in Austria. The Golf GTI W12 650 concept is a one-off Volkswagen creation that pushes the limits of, well, the Golf.

As the name denotes, the Golf GTI W12 650 concept has, in fact, Volkswagen's biturbo W12 engine, mounted behind the front seats, in fact. It is the same one used in the Bentley Continental GT. What's more, the engine produces a massive 650 hp and 530 ft. lbs. of torque, more than the Bentley! Those figures help move this concept from 0-60 mph in a fast 3.7 seconds.

In terms of appearance, this car will not be known for it. But this concept is not about that. This car is encroaching on supercar territory (its numbers sure does) and like a supercar, every detail on the sheetmetal all have a purpose. This concept is just staggering.

All the numbers, all the features this car has, one must be insane to even think that the Golf GTI W12 650 even has a chance to go into production. But hey, I'll give kudos to whoever is able to modify their own GTI to have a big, honkin' W12 engine in the backseat.

Press release, more pictures, and a Youtube vid of the reveal after the jump.

[Update]: New engine shots now available after the jump.

Source: Volkswagen

Volkswagen Golf GTI W12 650
Showtime at the Wörthersee

Leave conventions behind and let ypur passion awake - since the beginning these were the roots of the GTI idea. Until today they got more than 1.67 million drivers into their spell. Long has the Golf GTI been an icon. A mark for itself.

Since 1982 Golf GTI celebrate it annually in the Austrian Land at the Wörthersee. Thousands come.Volkswagen placed a Golf before them: the Golf GTI W12-650 showcar. This sports car is a inclination before the GTI friends at the Wörthersee, people for whom the GTI is a myth.
Stronger, broader, faster
A Golf was never stronger, broader or faster. It seems that the Golf GTI W12-650 comes directly from the racing course. A Golf that runs like the Pace Car of the 24 hours of Le Mans. Its name means: W12-Zylinder, 650 HP (477 KW with 6.000 rpm). A Showcar, not more, not less. Nevertheless it shows what enormous potential the Golf has to offer.

3.7 seconds, 325 km/h, 750 Newtonmeters
Its 6,0 Liter Biturbo engine is longitudinal and placed directly behind the driver and the front seat passenger. The Golf GTI W12-650 differentiate itself in this way from the classical central engine car. A 6-speed automatic transmission transfers 750 Newtonmeters (at 4.500 rpm) to the rear axle. It catapults the Golf GTI W12-650 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds. With a maximum speed of 325 km/h the Golf GTI W12-650 leaves behind nearly all of the world's supercars.

Width 1.88 m, 235er tire in front, 295er tire in the back

Automotive engineers and designers united under Volkswagen Golf GTI W12 650
its 1.88 meters (series: 1.76 meters) spread and 1.42 meters (series: 1.50 meters) flatten body. The chassis components of the Golf GTI W12-650 were adapted directly from supersports cars. The wheels are of course made from a light alloy and because of the gigantic wheel dimensions a specialy engineered tire had to be made.

70 millimeters lower, 160 millimeters broader
The goal was clearly defined - despite the partially dramatic technical changes the study should
remain completely clear that this is a Golf GTI. Therefore as much parts as possible were taken from tha classical GTI like: the headlights, the doors, the front hood and the tail lamps. The axles were pushed 70 millimeters into the body.

The largest problem was to supply the 6-litre central engine with sufficient air and to produce sufficient drift at the rear axle without watering the silhouette of the Golf GTI W12-650. Therefore the C-columns were re-designed in such a way that they lead air to the engine. The rear side windows run inward, so that two channels develop between the disks and the C-columns on the left and on the right to drive air to the engine.

The Carbon fiber roof is a diffuser
Innovative building of the body also prevented that the lines of the Golf GTI W12-650 to get ruined by a putting on a roof wing. The study carries the wing inward. The roof is part of an enormous diffuser, which provides sufficient drift to the rear axle. It's made from carbon fiber and leads air under the normal tail spoiler.

Interior with racing ambitions
The leather is Alcantara. On the middle range of the armatures are Three rows of auxiliary instruments. Transparent "Flip UP" switch guards for central functions like the disconnectible ESP look like taken derectly from the race track.

Fire extinguishers are integrated in the place of the glove compartment to also remind us of the race. Because of weight reasons "stripped" the door linings are complete; only lattices are used, which grant a complete view of the interior mechanics of the door.


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