Thursday, May 24, 2007

Volkswagen unveils limited edition Golf Plus

If you think Volkswagen is out of ideas for the ever-expanding Golf lineup, think again. They have just announced a limited edition variant of the Golf Plus, called the Golf Plus Dune, the nomenclature coming from the other Dune models, the Polo Dune and the culturally popular Dune Buggy.

Volkswagen has not released pictures of the Golf Plus Dune (and the ones floating out in the Internets that claim to be the Golf Plus Dune are actually CrossGolf pictures. Don't be fooled.) but we can just imagine what it would look like: flared, plastic-clad wheel arches, raised ride height, and an overall more rugged exterior. Indeed, we expect it to look very similar to the CrossGolf, just with additional features and the exclusivity (Volkswagen will only be making 400 samples). Under the hood is a 1.9L TDI that puts out 105 hp and 184 lbs. ft. of torque.

The Golf Plus Dune starts at £18,495 and will be out in the Summer. Volkswagen UK dealers are now taking orders, though. Availability in the rest of Europe is unsure. North America, don't even think about it.

Source: New Car Net


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