Monday, August 06, 2007

Volkswagen cuts ties with Bluetec

Volkswagen and Mercedes hasn't even had the chance to consummate their relationship with a release of Volkswagen's first model, a Jetta, with the Bluetec badge and already they're going their separate ways.

Volkswagen is now announcing that they will be leaving the Bluetec Alliance and will not use the name in its future diesel models, such as the Tiguan. Volkswagen stated that the Bluetec name may be too aligned with Mercedes Benz as a reason to their actions. Volkswagen, instead, will keep the more familiar TDI nomenclature for their future diesel models.

Now, it's not known whether Volkswagen will just be dropping the name or the technology itself. One would think that leaving the Alliance would also means leaving the technology at the door as well.

Source: Motor Authority


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