Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Volkswagen to make a big splash at Frankfurt

After a disappointing showing at this year's Geneva Motor Show, Volkswagen is taking everyone by surprise after revealing that more than 50 models will be on display at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show in September. The best part? Eight of those will be world premieres. Volkswagen has a lot to show us come September.

It had been purported that a rear-engined, Beetle-like model will make a comeback on the Volkswagen lineup. Well, Volkswagen confirmed just that by announcing that a model tentatively called City Expert will be a "future compact model" as it is officially called. It would be a subcompact that could probably compete with either the Mini or something smaller like the Smart ForTwo. Price and consumption will be kept to a minimum as well. It has been said that this is the answer to the "Polo in the US" question but that is not confirmed.

The second premiere is the production Tiguan, which we have already seen. This just makes it officially public. The other six premieres involve Volkswagen's BlueMotion model line. We don't know, however, which models will be getting the green badge or if any of those models will make it to our side. Volkswagen is trying to make up for lost time in the US after having issues with the EPA and the switch to common rail and Bluetec. With those hurdles out of the way, Volkswagen might be more willing to ship over BlueMotion models as they come out.

From what we've heard so far, Volkswagen has made up for Geneva. I just can't wait to see what's in store at Frankfurt. The Frankfurt Motor Show begins September 13.

Source: Motor Trend


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It has been said that this is the answer to the "Polo in the US"

Just as long as it comes in a GTI flavour!

Thu. Aug. 02, 01:48:00 p.m.  
Blogger suv said...

For those who can not wait to see more from the Tiguan, here a Video with the two production modells: and here some recent pics from Germany:

Fri. Aug. 03, 01:10:00 a.m.  

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