Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Scoop: 2009 VW Minivan Name Revealed - Routan

We First broke news of the Routan name late last year here is the original post which we graciously removed an behalf of original source.

Jalopnik & Auto News Europe are now just reporting this news.

The 2009 Minivan the is built for the North American Market by Chrysler for VW is to be called Routan according to a source from the popular VW Enthusiast site forums.VWvortex, he posted that this information is readily available in the VW Dealer Network computer system.

Where the name Routan comes from is a mystery to us here at The VW Gazette, whether is plays on Touran or maybe its a combo of both Route and Sedan (Minivan) or maybe its named after Routan Creek in California we just don't know.

Routan if that is indeed the final name of the Chrysler-VW product will be revealed at the Chicago Auto Show in early Feburary.




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