Tuesday, April 03, 2007

de'Silva on Volkswagen's design

If ever you needed further reassurance that Volkswagen's design department is in good hands with Walter de'Silva at the helm, this might just be it.

Walter de'Silva, former Audi design chief who was moved to Volkswagen by Volkswagen head Martin Winterkorn, was quoted in saying that "We [Volkswagen] have lost our way" with regards to design. de'Silva promises to change this, starting with the new Golf, which comes out next year. de'Silva laid out three targets describing exactly how he plans to change Volkswagen's design.
  • Create an identifiable design for each VW Group brand.
  • Create a unique face for the Golf.
  • Simplify design.

Already de'Silva has began to rework the forthcoming Mk. VI Golf, which had already been designed and finalized. Same thing about the Scirocco, and the next Passat. It also looks like the (in)famous Volkswagen shield grille will no longer be used in the next interations of Volkswagen models. "The single-frame grille is an iconic graphic element that fits all Audi models," de'Silva said and adds, "Volkswagen must be different. VW needs its own face."

Source: Leftlane News


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