Friday, June 15, 2007

Junior successfully completes first DARPA test

An autonomously driven Volkswagen Passat named Junior (Junior because its smaller than last year's 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge winner, Stanley) successfully completed the first DARPA test at a parking lot in the Googleplex. This thing drives itself and it did so without any major problems. There was that one issue during one of the exercises when Junior had a problem passing a car. That was quickly resolved, though and Junior was cruising past the car in no time. It did manage a top speed of 15 mph, excruciatingly slow by our standards.

This is just one of many races before the actual DARPA Urban Challenge in November, where other teams will have their own driverless vehicles duke it out for a cash prize of $2 million.

Stanley won in 2005, maybe Junior can follow in daddy's footsteps?

Source: CNET via Engadget


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