Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Study shows Eos has second best resale value in UK

According to a study done by EurotaxGlass, the Eos, or more specifically an Eos 2.0L TDI Sport, has the second best resale value in the UK, bested only by the Ferrari F430 Spider. This puts Volkswagen in some pretty good company at the top.

The study, conducted over a twelve month period, determined that a Ferrari F430 Spider maintained 97% of its value followed by the Eos, which kept 94% of its value. Of all the vehicles they tested, only these two managed to lose less that 10% of their value.

Not bad for the Eos' first year and it's yet another reason to get an Eos just as the Summer season begins.

Source: Autoblog via The German Car Blog


Anonymous used cars Tewkesbury said...

If they were the second best resale value in Uk then it's good for them. Having a title like this will help them to promote their brand and be more known in the market. This will make people encourage to consider or patronize their cars.

Wed. Jul. 18, 01:29:00 p.m.  

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