Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Caddy Maxi – World premiere at the IAA Frankfurt 2007

Here is the new Caddy Maxi which is 47cm longer in the wheelbase and offers 7 seats with space for the most rearward passengers and luggage, more than current Caddy Life offers by Volkswagen Commerical Vehicles.

Caddy Maxi Life the MPV version will be released first in the Autumn (Spring for Southern Hemisphere readers) with three engines: Petrol 1.6 producing 75kW/100hp, Diesel 1.9 TDI producing 77kW/103hp and new to Caddy family 2.0 TDI producing 103kW/140hp.

The Commercial version of Caddy Maxi in Panel Van and Kombi guises will be released early next year.

The new Caddy Maxi is apart of a new family of products that VWCV hope will help it gain sales of 600,000 unit per year by 2010.

Press Release follows jump.

Caddy Maxi – World premiere at the IAA with an extra 47 centimetres Large. Larger. Maxi. Space for seven people plus luggage

Caddy Maxi fills the gap between the Caddy and the T5
Hanover, 4 September 2007. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is celebrating a new Caddy dimension at the 2007 International Motor Show (IAA) for passenger cars. The Caddy Maxi Life. The new vehicle combines the qualities of a transporter with the versatility of a compact people carrier in a new class of vehicle.
Compared to the familiar Caddy, the Maxi has been stretched from 4.41 metres to 4.88 metres. This has created an amazingly spacious vehicle with up to 4,200 litres of stowage volume (in the panel van version). Moreover, the multitalent is equipped with a new top-of-the-range engine: a TDI that generates 103 kW of output and 320 newton-metres of torque.

Stretched by 47 centimetres, the Caddy Maxi is one of the largest models among the compact shuttle vehicles and small transporters. Load capacity up to 4.2 m3, 800 kilograms payload, 1,500 kilograms trailer load and load area up to 2,250 millimetres long, depending on the interior configuration. These are record figures in this segment. Alternatively there is space for seven people to be carried in maximum comfort.

The design of the Caddy has been adapted 1:1 for the Caddy Maxi. The major difference is the body, which has been lengthened by 470 to exactly 4,875 millimetres. Compared to the 4,405 millimetre long "standard version" of the Caddy, the growth can be broken down as follows: plus 151 millimetres rear overhang; plus 319 millimetres between the sliding doors and the rear axle. The wheelbase has grown to 3,002 millimetres.

A major factor in the great success of the Caddy is its variable, clearly structured interior with its sophisticated design. For this reason, the space concept was transposed unchanged onto the Caddy Maxi. The seats and the cockpit area, which has been recognised as being of very high quality, are also identical.

In this case, not only the driver and front passenger are able to enjoy outstanding comfort and generous space, but also the five passengers in the two rows of seats in the rear. Even getting into to the Caddy is comfortable. The reason for this is the 700 millimetre wide and 1,108 millimetre high sliding doors. In addition, especially for the new Caddy Maxi, the space between the second and third rows of seats has been increased by 50 millimetres. Even when all seven seats are occupied, the luggage compartment still has a volume of 380 litres. The second row of seats can be folded down and forward. The third row of seats can be removed completely with just a few simple steps. The load volume is then increased to 1,350 litres.

The Caddy Maxi Life has been specially tailored to carry up to seven people and their luggage with a maximum of comfort in three rows of seats (2/3/2). Characteristic equipment on the Caddy Maxi Life includes two practical sliding doors and bumpers and attachments painted in the colour of the body. In the interior, the full trim and numerous stowage nets gives the Caddy Maxi Life an especially sophisticated and elegant feel.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will offer the Caddy Maxi with one petrol and two diesel engines. The petrol engine generates an output of 75 kW. The two TDI engines are characterised by even more power and superb economy. Here, the 2.0 litre TDI with 103 kW is new in the range. As in the past, the tried and tested 1.9 TDI with 77 kW represents the entry level in the world of diesel. It may be combined with the optional dual clutch gearbox DSG. A diesel particulate filter comes as standard with both TDI engines.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will offer three equipment versions of the Caddy Maxi. These are specially tailored to the needs of the respective clientele. The Caddy Maxi Life, in the style of a people carrier, will hit the market from autumn 2007. This will be followed in early 2008 by the universal talent, the Caddy Maxi Kombi and the Caddy Maxi Kasten panel van, which is designed for commercial use.

Source:Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

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