Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Volkswagen of America purportedly moving to The District

Reports are now coming in that claims Volkswagen is about to announce that it will be moving it's American unit from it's current home of Auburn Hills, Michigan to Washington, DC. Rumours had been going around for months that the move would indeed occur. The move will include all of Volkswagen's units including Audi and Bentley.

Insiders say the move is motivated by a need of a new perspective and Volkswagen plans to do this by controlling a bloated workforce. Some of Volkswagen's employees are said to have the "wrong sort of mindset required to shift directions". Volkswagen hopes to drop some of these people along the way.

One ex-Volkswagen executive (who we can only guess to be this man) said that the move to Washington, DC, or to another place for that matter, will not work until Wolfsburg changes the way it regards the American market. Volkswagen has had a history of neglecting specific American needs, instead insisting on treating the market no differently than Europe. But Wolfsburg has realized the intricacies of the American market and is constructing a product plan specially tailored for the US.

Volkswagen is expected to make the announcement official in a press conference this Thursay.

Source: The Car Connection


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