Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Touran EcoFuel Taxi Now Available

VWs Touran EcoFuel (BiFuel) is now available for Taxi operators in Germany.

Press Release follows

Economic natural gas Touran helps keep costs down

The Touran EcoFuel stands for safety, economy and low emissions. The natural gas version of the popular compact MPV is now also available as a taxi.

The taxi package for the Touran EcoFuel comes with the familiar features from other Volkswagen taxi models like seat covers and door panels made from imitation leather, front seats with scuff protection, lumbar support, remote control for taxi alarm and numerous preparations for taxi meter, radio etc. Further options like a mirror taxi meter, roof aerial or additional car keys can be ordered at an extra cost.

The Touran EcoFuel Taxi can offer numerous advantages for taxi companies thanks to its economic and, at the same time, environmentally friendly power plant not to mention its unlimited space concept. A reduced mineral oil tax rating(in Germany) that legally applies until 2018 and subsidies from councils and energy suppliers for natural gas vehicles are further arguments in favour of the multi-talented taxi from Volkswagen.

The Touran EcoFuel is driven by a 80 kW / 109 hp four-cylinder engine that is configured as a "quasi-monovalent" natural gas power plant so it can also be driven with petrol. During exclusive gas operation, the range is approx. 310 kilometres. After that, you can drive on with petrol or stop at one of the around 700 natural gas garages in Germany. On average, the multi-talent consumes 5.8 kg of natural gas every 100 kilometres — a "natural gas kilometre" is about half the cost of a "petrol kilometre".

The Touran EcoFuel has already impressed the first specialist journalists: For example, Germany‘s AUTOFLOTTE magazine presented the Touran EcoFuel with the 2007 Fleet Award in the category "Alternative Drives". The entry-level price for the Touran EcoFuel Taxi is €16,879.32 plus VAT.
Source: http://www.volkswagen-media-services.com/


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