Tuesday, June 19, 2007

2008MY update for VW Brazil's Gol, Saveiro, Fox & CrossFox

Volkswagen Brazil have updated their Gol, Saveiro, Fox & CrossFox lines for the 2008 Model Year.

-Facelift, same front as the European Fox and SpaceFox
-enhanced headlight design-simplier modifications to the boot hatch to ease opening & closing
-new updated Tachometer-antenna on roof
-Fox Plus gets a slidng rear seats to improve either luggage or rear passenger space
-Limited Edition Fox Route has a new sound system, MP3 Compatibility, 512MB pen drive and rear spoiler

-new grill taken from the SpaceFox Crossover Study from 2006
-enhanced headlight design
-15 inch steel wheels
-antenna on roof

Gol / Saveiro
-Refreshed Tachometer
-Gol Power has darkened Tail & Headlights & a Black "V" Grill
-Gol Trend has dakened Headlights

Source: www.volkspage.net

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Anonymous jashfield said...

The crossfox looks great, wish they'd sell it here in the us.

Wed. Jun. 20, 09:59:00 a.m.  

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