Friday, October 05, 2007

Das Auto

Volkswagen didn't use the Frankfurt Motor Show only as a platform to unveil the production Tiguan and the Up!. As predicted, also used the show to enveil a new campaign slogan. Volkswagen decided to go short and to the point with their new slogan, dropping the longer "Aus Liebe zum Automobil" (or English variant "For the love of the People's Car") and in its place, chose "Das Auto" to represent the brand.

Das Auto, German for "The Car", was chosen in hopes that Volkswagen will come to mind when you think of a car. Before you dismiss this logic, consider that when you ask for a soda drink, you almost always say "Coke". Xerox is synonymous with photocopiers, Kleenex with tissues. Volkswagen hopes that people will one day say "Volkswagen" and actually mean car. Another benefit with the slogan is that it is easily translatable into different languages. That means better brand recognition across the world.

As with anything new Volkswagen comes out with, the new slogan will probably take some getting used to, just as the previous one did. The new slogan has already rolled out in Germany, though we expect to make it's way throughout Europe soon and hopefully, reach our shores. Volkswagen of America and Volkswagen Canada currently don't have a slogan. This might just be it.

Source: Autoblog


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Already done by the Renault "Le Car", in North America at least, back in the 70s.
So not very original, or inspiring for that matter.

Sat. Oct. 06, 07:54:00 a.m.  

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