Monday, February 11, 2008 compares the Routan and the Chrysler Town & Country

The Routan has finally been unveiled last week and has compiled a short but very informative video on the differences of the Routan and Chrysler's Town & Country. They first talk about the obvious such as the different styling and same engine choices. However, they have cleared up a point of confusion regarding the Routan. The third row seating is Stow 'n Go and can be operated electronically but second row seating is not. Volkswagen apparently opted to have more comfortable captains chairs in the second row as opposed to less comfortable Stow 'n Go seating.

Regarding interior quality, as we've predicted, Volkswagen has opted for higher quality materials and, compared to the Town & Country, the Routan is more refined. Still, with what Volkswagen has to work with, that isn't saying much. Definitely not up to Volkswagen standards.

Regarding price, the Routan will be in the market at around $25,000 which is apparently about $3,000 less than a comparatively equipped Town & Country.

Source: via German Car Blog


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