Saturday, February 17, 2007

Delays purported for Tiguan and Scirocco

This little bit of news is not really confirmed however, it wouldn't really be out of the ordinary in the Volkswagen of late, what with all the previous delays that have been confirmed. In any case, it is still worth reporting in case there is a shred of credibility in this rumor because the implications (or rewards) are considerable.

It has been purported that the forthcoming Tiguan and Scirocco will be delayed as per Marting Winterkorn, Volkswagen's new chief. It seems, just as with the previously reported next gen Golf, Jetta, and Passat, he isn't too keen on these two model's designs. So as is the routine, he has (allegedly) handed over the Tiguan and Scirocco to Volkswagen's new head of design, Walter de'Silva for scrutiny.

Personally, I thought the Tiguan was a really slick looking car, dare I say, one of Volkswagen's better looking models. The Scirocco on the other hand has always been one car that I wanted to like. If this rumor is true, it would be interesting to see what can be done to improve upon these two models.


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