Monday, February 11, 2008

Military spec Touareg does nothing to help your road rage

It happens to all of us. There's a guy going 50 in a 70 mph road and we have the unfortunate luck of having to be behind them. Or a guy cuts in front of you and hasn't the courtesy of at least speeding up. Usually, all we can do is utter our favourite expletive, maybe even flipping the bird once in a while. Now, however, Volkswagen is offering a military spec Touareg so that you can shoot the offending drivers off the road.

Ok, maybe not, but the concept of a military edition Touareg is pretty interesting. We don't know why it was made or who is using it but it definitely exists, complete with aerials, automatic turret gun, and even the matte green paint (which Volkswagen should offer as a paint option). We don't know how the Touareg is equipped as far as blastproofing or bulletproofing is concerned. Regardless, this is definitely something you won't be seeing in your local dealership.

A military spec Touareg? That would put your neighbour's dinky Hummer H3 to shame.

More images after the jump.

Source: Carscoop


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What would be left of the roof rails when that cannon fired? Recoil would make a mess of the roofline.

Thu. Feb. 14, 05:50:00 p.m.  

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