Monday, February 11, 2008

Jacoby acknowledges need for a small car in the US

For years, we've been clamoring for Volkswagen to throw us a bone over here and give us a sub-Rabbit vehicle. Now, of course, Canada has the City Golf/Jetta which means Canada is pretty much covered when they decide to replace those models. It is the US that has nothing south of the Rabbit. That may change soon, however.

Volkswagen of America CEO Stefan Jacoby has acknowledged the need for a sub-Rabbit model in the US, citing Americans' budding love affair with smaller, more fuel efficient cars. Jacoby says that a Polo could work, as well as a "lifestyle" model akin to a smart or MINI. Jacoby also mentions something about a model that is a "little bit SUV-looking and a little van." A space up! maybe?

Indeed, the up! is going to play a big role in supplying the US with a small car. Target price is about $13,000 to $14,000.

Source: Autoblog


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding Canada, I think you are a little off target.

The City cars are simply MkIV Golfs/Jettas, therefore not smaller, or "south of" (other than the normal weight-gain from mark to mark). They get a bit better mileage than MkV, but not substantially so.

They (City cars) were introduced to compete on price, not mileage, with the dozen or so Japanese, Korean, & Taiwanese (and their American-badged clone) small cars, available for a couple of years (or more).

Canada also needs a SMALLER vehicle, preferably in the form of a Polo (GTI of course). This would be about the size of the original MkI Golf (Rabbit).

I do hope VW (of America, of Canada, of Germany) gets some sense of direction soon - sigh.

Tue. Feb. 12, 11:32:00 a.m.  
Blogger Lorenzo said...

I wasn't speaking in terms of size compared to other makes. I meant that Volkswagen Canada has something in their lineup that is below the Rabbit. Obviously, the City Golf/Jetta are substantially larger than the Polo and more so cars like the Yaris and Fit but they are smaller than the Rabbit, making it "south of".

Regardless, the City Golf/Jetta is just a stopgap measure. Canada is so into small cars, more so than the US and Volkswagen Canada would be crazy not to capitalize on that. One thing that is good about the City Golf/Jetta is that we can almost be sure of a replacement (as in, a Polo or up!)

Tue. Feb. 12, 11:24:00 p.m.  

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