Monday, February 25, 2008

Scirocco microsite hints at a Geneva debut

Volkswagen has put up a Scirocco microsite, just several weeks before the Geneva Motor Show begins in March, thus fueling the speculation that the car may actually debut at Geneva. Of course, the last time Volkswagen put up a microsite was for the Passat CC, which then debuted the next month. So a Scirocco at Geneva looks much more plausible now, doesn't it?

The microsite takes after the Passat CC's, that is to say nothing much is revealed. Like the Passat CC's microsite, the Scirocco's pans across images of the Scirocco in varying angles. We are shown what the wheels look like (they look sweet!) and a glimpse of the taillights are revealed (looks nothing like that of the Iroc Concept's) along with "2.0 TSI" badging giving clue to the Scirocco's engine.

Again, Volkswagen has piqued our interest about a forthcoming model with a microsite. But really, based on past spyshots, our interest has been piqued for a long time. Here's to hoping for a Geneva intro. Now if only they could change their North American position regarding the Scirocco.

Source: Volkswagen


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