Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Volkswagen purportedly eyeing Zastava

Zastava, the ex-Yugoslavian car manufacturer, infamous for the Yugo, is apparently for sale and Volkswagen is purportedly taking a closer look at this Serbian company. Now, you may be asking why in the world would Volkswagen want to even be associated with the Yugo? Well, it all goes down to capacity. Zastava has many automotive factories that are underutilized. Volkswagen could come in, retool them to their standards, then use them to capacity.

No formal bid has been presented by Volkswagen, or any car company for that matter.

Source: Autoblog


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the last time I took my VW for its schedule maintenance, I took it to a VW service provider where the technician asked me several questions about the car and took it for a test drive. It took him hardly three hours to fix the problems that it had. And, after that service I was surprised to find that my car was running as smoothly as any new car. So, I feel that before the technicians fix any problem, they should ask the owner about the problems associated with that car so that they can find out the actual cause of trouble.

Thu. May 28, 07:27:00 a.m.  

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